NOOR is a young architectural bureau with a team of professionals who work in the field of architecture, interior design and urban planning. Using their research practices NOOR team is looking for ideas that then form the basis for rational and consistent design process. Our approach to architecture and design is determined by a number of long-term goals that we set for ourselves - the desire to contribute to the development of architecture, to improve our skills in the fields of modern technology, strategic planning and project management. NOOR is a full-cycle architectural bureau, where the high quality of design is achieved by the work of a professional team consisting of architects, engineers and designers. This team is managed by the chief project architect, with the support of the technical department, including the secretariat, accounting and estimate department, approvals and compliance experts who present our design solutions to government agencies and other related departments. Our high standards of quality result from a collective effort. The goal of NOOR Architecture is not only to search for aesthetic and functional solutions, but also to provide an opportunity for the client to unlock the potential of their project. With every next stage of the dialogue between the client and the architect it becomes more and more relevant and motivated, it helps to go through the entire process from the idea to its implementation. Our architects have a great experience, including teaching at Moscow Architectural Institute (MARCHI), winning international architectural competitions and participating in experimental design programs under the auspices of Moscow Architectural Institute.
Certificate# 0178-2012-7706776158-П-075