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NOOR bureau has experience in urban environment design, strategic planning, and landscape architecture.


Furthermore, the bureau carries out real estate property analysis, which includes a comprehensive study of the economic and technical aspects of the object, so as to determine its future use.



The bureau carries out the functions of the general designer and provides a full range of services for construction projects: initial data collection, development of documentation, coordination of project solutions, field supervision.


NOOR architects team realizes projects of new construction, as well as reconstruction of buildings, and temporary structures for various purposes.



NOOR philosophy is creating a sense and quality of space. By implementing their goals the architects of the bureau find project solutions that help to identify and enhance the character of the project facility.


The bureau designs administrative, industrial, and private interiors and has experience working with architectural landmarks.



Everything that concerns interior details, furniture, technical objects, and decor fascinates us. This interest is connected with the study of the form and purpose of the object and when we have a chance to design such an object, we consider it a great opportunity for the bureau. 


The work in the field of industrial design provides an experience that can only be acquired by thoroughly immersing oneself in the design, model engineering and prototyping of minor forms.


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